Jeffrey Deitch on the threat private institutions pose for museums (artnet Magazine)

"Two years since his surprise appointment as director of the Los Angeles Museum of Contemporary Art, Jeffrey Deitch admits that the switch from running a successful commercial gallery in New York to salvaging a struggling nonprofit was a "rude awakening".During a conversation with art advisor Josh Baer at Art Basel, Deitch described the burden of raising money from museum patrons, who, unlike gallery clients, have fewer tangible incentives to give.

Deitch reserved his strongest criticism for the new class of wealthy private institutions that now compete with museums for acquisitions. These megacollectors pose a bigger threat to LA MOCA than do even the top galleries, many of which are known for producing museum-quality shows, he said.

In the end, Deitch said he’s setting out to create a new hybrid fund-raising model, one that looks beyond the traditional realms of patron and corporate support and connects museums with private foundations."

Read: Jeffrey Deitch on the threat private museums pose for LA MOCA - artnet Magazine.

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