Catherine Opie and Barbara Kruger's stinging MOCA resignation (via artreview.com)

"Catherine Opie and Barbara Kruger have followed John Baldessari as resigning their positions as trustees at the Museum of Contemporary Art in Los Angeles. In a stinging email of resignation, reprinted in full by the Los Angeles Times, the artists say that they have raised concerns as to the direction the museum is heading under the steering of Jeffrey Deitch and overriding influence of major funder Eli Broad.

The email is deeply sarcastic as points, noting that 'Parties and galas are ok, but sometimes these things called “museums” have to have things called “exhibitions. They also admit that while the ire is directed at MOCA leadership, the culture that they are rallying against is a wider one: 'It's a reflection of the crisis in cultural funding. It's about the role of museums in a culture where visual art is marginalized except for the buzz around secondary market sales, it's about the not so subtle recalibration of the meaning of “philanthropy,” and it's about the morphing of the so-called “art world” into the only speculative bubble still left floating (for the next 20 minutes)."

Zie: Catherine Opie and Barbara Kruger's stinging MOCA resignation - artreview.com.

Ed Ruscha's exit leaves no artists on MOCA board of trustees - latimes.com: Following a week in which John Baldessari, Catherine Opie and Barbara Kruger all resigned from the board of trustees at Los Angeles' Museum of Contemporary Art, Ed Ruscha has also resigned, leaving no artists remaining on the museum's board.

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