MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch rebuts critics' attacks (via latimes.com)

"Embattled gallerist-turned-museum director Jeffrey Deitch characterized his approach to programing at Los Angeles's Museum of Contemporary Art as forward-thinking and innovative in an interview with the L.A. Times. Responding to criticisms stemming from the departure of chief curator Paul Schimmel and ensuing resignations of all four artist board members — John Baldessari, Barbara Kruger, Catherine Opie, and Ed Ruscha — he said, "Your average cultured reader, reading the L.A. Times, thinks that I've destroyed the museum, that I've dismantled all intelligence from the program, that we're doing nothing serious, that we're showing, like, celebrity portraits or something, that nobody on the staff gets along with me," Deitch said. "And that is not what's happening here."

Via: Artinfo. Lees het interview met de L.A. Times: MOCA director Jeffrey Deitch rebuts critics' attacks - latimes.com.

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